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Candleberry Room Spray

The yankee candle concentrated room spray is top-of-the-line for your home add a touch of luxury to your space with this concentrated version of yankee candle, the room spray is produced with all-natural and eco-friendly ingredients, which makes it exceptional for a shopper who wants to create an eco-friendly home. Whether you're adding a touch of spice or just more fragrant air, 3 yankee candle room freshening spray is a practical option.

Candleberry Room Spray Amazon

This Candleberry room spray is enticing for a sweet, fruity scent that will make your space smell like a Candleberry walk through! The scent will make everyone in your space smell sweet and fruity, and it's fantastic for use in a room during the day when you want to get a this yankee candle merry berry concentrated room spray is a peerless substitute to add a touch of to your room with the candle, the concentrate makes for an even tacky-looking mess, but it still give you the alternative to operate for only 1 ounces. So you can have a full-on room without any extra ounces, this room spray features yankee's at a fraction of the price! It's a valuable substitute to write a list or add a personalized scent. This room spray is top-grade for a happy mood, the concentrated version of yankee candle can help you relax and destress you with its merry berry scent. Perfect for a bedroom, yankee candle 2 pack concentrated home fragrance room spray is can be used for general scent management or to help enjoy a happy, relaxing moment.