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Coffee Scented Room Spray

This room spray is highly Scented with 4 oz bottle lasting for a long time, the long lasting pick scent is a bonus. This is a top-notch surrogate for a busy woman or man who wants to smell good and look good at the same time.

Coffee Scented Room Spray Amazon

This room spray is top for a bright and sultry day - it smells of bread and Coffee as you walk through the door, the top-notch substitute to add a touch of warmth to each room. Our Coffee scent room spray is manufactured with 100% handcrafted ingredients, it is a serious refresher just 4. 5 ounces, our scents are introverted and earthy, so room & clothing spray is excellent for taking around the room and refreshed it up. The 100% natural ingredients are beneficial for keeping your home smelling fresh and for over 100 fragrances, description for: Coffee scent Scented room spray that gives an espresso like scent. 5 oz, aroma reed spray is sterling for a warm and cozy start to the day, or a new addition to your Coffee theme room. With its Coffee like scent, it will keep your home smell in keeping while you start the day.