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Blunt Effects Blunteffects Spray

, Concentrated Home Room & Car Air Freshener 1oz

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SKU: MII-1000001705 Home & Garden / Household Supplies & Cleaning / General Household Supplies / Air Fresheners

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*Add all bottles to your cart before checkout to receive the volume discount* Blunt Effects Blunteffects Spray, Concentrated Home Room & Car Air Freshener 1OZ You will receive one  1 OZ Bottle of selected scent. Blunteffects Spray is a 100% concentrated, oil-based scented spray. Just one or two sprays will fill any space with your favorite scent. BluntEffects sprays are bottled in the USA. SHIPPING Spray ships free within 1 business day of purchase via First Class shipping. Orders of 6 or more bottles will receive a free upgrade to expedited Priority shipping. *Packaging & bottle styles may vary SCENTS RANDOM/SURPRISE ME:  You will receive one scent that we choose that may not even be listed. If you order multiple of the 'RANDOM/SURPRISE ME' option, we won't send you more than one bottle of any scent, as long as we have enough different scents available to satisfy your order. 10 Million:  10 Million is a citrusy, fresh clean scent created to help you feel like 10 million bucks. African Mist:  African Mist is sweet and musky. Woody and earthy notes will bring feelings of calm and ground any space. Angel Wings:  Angel Wings is a peaceful aroma with a soft blend of jasmine, lily and other floral notes, topped with a fruity burst of citrus. Baby Powder:  Baby Powder is a soft, fine grained scent fused with fresh roses and white lilies.  This blend provides a perfectly sweet powdery scent. Banana Love:  Banana Love is a blend of fresh and ripe bananas, topped with a hint of citrus and vanilla. Bed Of Roses:  Bed of Roses is a potent, floral scent combining aromas of Arabian roses and fresh cut roses. Big Butter Flower:  Big Butter Flower is a fusion of strong fruity notes, with pine, spice over sweet & mossy notes. Big Daddy:  Big Daddy is a potent blend of citrus, woody and musky notes. Bikini Bottoms:  Bikini Bottoms is a reminder of Summer goals with it's perfect blend of floral, earthy and woody notes that can be enjoyed all year long. Billion Bucks:  This clean, fresh and empowering fragrance promotes a can-do attitude! Black Friday:  Black Friday is a sweet floral blend of fresh lilies with a hint of citrus. Black Onyx:  Black Onyx is a powerful, masculine scent - great for covering odors and leaving a space refreshed with its crispy, woody notes. Blue Nile:  Blue Lotus is refreshing as rain on a Spring day. Blue Lotus:  Blue Nile features a strong Egyptian amber base scent fused with a sweet musk. Caribbean Queen:  Caribbean Queen is a floral and fruity blend with blood grapefruit, mandarin oranges and a hint of lime. Celebrate:  Celebrate is a blend of citrus and floral notes. Chocolate Thunder:  Chocolate Thunder is an exotic blend of deep rich coco. Citrus Delight:  Citrus Delight is a fresh twist of citrus and vanilla. Citrus Mango:  Citrus Mango is just like it sounds, a refreshing blend of citrus and mango. Coco Lime:  Coco-Lime is a blend of freshly whipped coconut cream and fresh picked limes. Coconut:  Coconut transports you to island time for while as you burn this fresh coco blend fused with a creamy floral note. Dark Sandalwood:  Big Daddy is a potent blend of citrus, woody and musky notes. Egyptian Musk:  Egyptian Musk is one of the most popular scents from Blunteffects, loved for its soft, floral blend of woody and musky notes. Eve's Aroma:  Eve's Aroma is a blend of floral notes, spicy middle notes fused with musky bottom notes. Exotic Lilac:  A beautiful blend of fresh lilac aromas. Floral Leaf:  Floral Leaf is a fresh fusion of jasmine, lily, and roses blended with leafy florals. Forbidden Fruit:  Forbidden Fruit is a spiced blend of apples, peaches and berries. Forever Fruity:  Forever Fruity is a slightly tart scent of green apple with citrus notes. Gardenia:  Gardenia is a beautiful floral blend of jasmine and fresh roses. Goddess Blessing:  A woody  base built with sexy notes of amber, musk and floral notes. Gold & Diamonds:  Gold & Diamonds is a rich, sweet fragrance with floral notes over a splash of tartness. Good Luck:  Good Luck is a fresh, clean and purifying scent that will help you cleanse. Green Apple:  Green Apple is a blend of fresh tart apples with a hint of lime. Heavenly:  Heavenly is infused with citrus notes and topped with a touch of floral and fruity hints. Top notes include lemon and bergamot orange. Hot Yellow Bullet:  Hot Yellow Bullet is a sweet fusion of slight tartness with floral top notes over a vanilla base. Jamaican Fruit:  Jamaican Fruit is a well-known and popular fruity and floral fragrance. Kiss Of Mint:  The perfect amount of sweet peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus blended together to create this minty scent. Knock Out: Knock Out is sure to invigorate any space with a spicy lavender floral mix. Kush:  Kush is a famous sweet musky scent that is combined with the fragrance of spice. Lemon Lime:  Lemon Lime is a blend of sweet lemons, tart limes and a hint of vanilla. Lick Me All Over:  Lick Me All Over has a candy like sweetness which makes you feel like a kid in a candy store. Lily Of The Fields:  With the beautiful aromas of fresh-grown lilies, Lily of the Fields is a floral, feminine and empowering scent that will transform your favorite space. Melon Magic:  Tart, sweet & tangy melon. Midnight Ryder:  The powerful aromas of man and woman combined to create a light yet musky scent as fresh as ever. Money On My Mind:  A clean scent boosted by earthy woody notes over notes of green florals. Moon Goddess:  Moon Goddess has a distinctive spicy aroma that's perfect for late night star gazing! Morning Glory:  Morning Glory is a clean-smelling twist between the aromas of fresh cotton and fresh linen. Nag Champa:  A powdery blend infused with floral and woody notes. Night Of Arabia:  Strongly and sweetly aromatic and fragrance-like with subtle hints of fruit. 0pium:  A strong woody and floral based fragrance, that make you feel like you are walking through a tropical rainforest. Pina Colada:  Pina Colada is a sweet blend of creamy coconuts and ripe juicy pineapples. Pineapple Island: Beautiful aromas of sweet, ripe & juicy pineapples. Pink Tears:  A sweet blend of fresh hay and rose geranium. Rainbow Power:  Rainbow Power is a vibrant and bright fragrance. A rich woody blend is combined with floral notes to create this powerful and vivid fragrance. Romantic Night:  A sweet, citrus blend which can be magical for lovers. Sandalwood Vanilla:  Sandalwood Vanilla is a deep warm vanilla blend with sweet musk, amber and top notes of sandalwood. Strawberry:  Strawberry scent smells exactly how it would taste - a blend of sweet strawberries. Sweet Pea:  A floral scent with fresh sweet pea flowers combined with lily, rose and gardenia floral notes. Tropical:  Tropical is a fruity island mix of peaches, pineapples and coconuts. It’s also topped with a touch of vanilla. Vanilla Cream:  Vanilla Cream is a whipped creamy vanilla fragrance that is sure to sweeten up your day. Watermelon Martini:  Watermelon Martini is a blend of aromas of fresh cut watermelon slices and spiked with a citrusy blend. Wedding Bells:  Wedding Bells will remind you of a wedding with cake, sunshine, and flowers. Wet Kisses:  Wet Kisses scent is a sexy fragrance combined with sweet musky base notes and earthy, uplifting top notes. Wild Waters:  Wild Waters is for the adventurous type - a blend of masculine aromas with woody and citrus notes. Woodspell:  Woodspell is a deep velvet luxurious blend of fresh cut wood with a masculine muskiness.

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Blunt Effects Blunteffects Spray, Concentrated Home Room & Car Air Freshener 1OZ
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