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Project 62 Room Spray

Are you hunting for a surrogate to add a pop of color to your room lately? This Project 62 room spray is excellent for you! With tea tree and spearmint, you'll get a nice, fresh look that will add just what you need to keep your home searching fresh and organized, and with the condition that ever feeling too tired, you can always take a quick break and look into the new room spray from Project 62.

Opal Room Spray

Opal room spray is a refreshing and function room spray that can be used on a small room or room with a large essential oil content, the tea tree oil is a refreshing scent that can keep a room feeling refreshing and healthy. There is essential oil of different types including pepper, cumin, and myrtle that can be used on skin to increase its relaxation and promoting functions, Project 62 is a sterling name for this amazing room spray! The opal passion fruit and amber room spray 2. 7 oz, offers a beautiful, bright room spray with a touch of power. The room spray peerless for an admirer who wants to create a beautiful, final impression in your room, if you're searching for a fresh and loved-up scent, don't look anywhere than the refreshing freshness of Project 62 aloe bergamot room spray! This unique blend of aloe and bergamot creates an amazingly fresh and scentsy scent that will make you feel like you're right out of a summer day, even if the day is hot and sticky! Plus, the addictive product will leave you wanting more, leaving you feeling refreshing and this is an 3. 38 oz, Project 62 room spray that is sure to keep you organized and in focus. The tea tree and spearmint combination provides a clean and healthy feel, while the property provides a tenacious edge, with its durable construction and easy-to-use controls, this Project 62 room spray is ready for any and all needs.