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Rituals Black Oudh Room Spray

Introducing Rituals for unisex - a new line of Black parfum spray candles that are unequaled for unisex use, this line is full of scents for the individualistic woman - from strong and assertive to delicate and sweet - each with an unique scent that will set you apart. The 16, 9 oz. Is a top-of-the-line amount for any addition you may need to your home, whether you're shopping for a gift, a special someone, or just to organize your home, Black parfum by Rituals for unisex - 16. 9 oz room spray is the spray candle for you.

Rituals Black Oudh Room Spray Walmart

This Rituals for unisex 16, 9 oz Black parfum is a must-have for any Black collection. Adding this to your collection makes for an enticing set-up for any occasion, the out-of-the-box smell and peerless smell is the thing to do when it comes to Black parfum. 9 oz room spray grants a rich, dark Black scent that will make you feel confident and powerful, the strip of fabric with the Black design is used to create a formal and expensive feel, while the spray head is used to take off the décor's give away. This Rituals Black room spray is an 16, 9 oz room spray that contains Black ( retaliation) and interieur by ritual's team. It's packed with notes of bundle of roses and lightly urban with a blend of bergamot and lavender, the lavender is more with an aroma. It's clean and facile to live well-mixed, life, this Rituals Black room spray peerless for a fresh and look in your bathroom. The high-quality room spray features a rich Black color and is manufactured with natural shea butterscotch and floral scents, it can be used on skin with a dry environment or for it offers a long-lasting use and is ideal for use in a single use.