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Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Concentrated Room Spray

The Yankee Candle Concentrated room spray is first-rate for cleanliness, with on a strong scent, this inconspicuous scent can be added to dividers, windows, or any other open-top room without having to remove the fragrance from the room spray. The yankees available in 1, 5 oz. and 2 oz, the yankees Candle is produced of natural, pure, unrefined materials that have been used to create a world-renowned fragrance. Our candles are made with all-natural ingredients and are 100% referendum on the environment, we choose to handle only the highest quality materials and processes to create our candles, ensuring that your room will never feel Clean again without using a Yankee candle.

Yankee Candle Concentrated Room Spray Clean Cotton

This Yankee Candle Concentrated room spray is first-rate for cleaning up your room! It's composed of a lightweight, molecular-weight-building spray Clean Cotton scent which will not only keep your space Clean but also add a touch of visual interest, each 1. 5 oz, bottle of this extract-based room spray comes room spray-yard workability, fantastic for use in close-ups or overall cleaning efforts! This fresh and Clean room spray is sterling for your coils and will keep them Clean and fresh. The unique design is that it is produced from two pieces of Cotton and is perfume ridden with air freshness, this Yankee Candle keeps your house Clean spray is a fantastic way to help keep your home Clean and fresh! It is available for purchase at your favorite store. The spray features a choose your scent language option, so you can choose how you want to smell, the spray comes in both a Clean and sweet scent. This Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Concentrated room spray is top-of-the-line for eliminating the Yankee Candle smell in your room, the room spray will also try to get all the moisture from the floor and walls away from the candles.